Monday, August 27, 2012

Labor Day just around the corner!

I was thinking about summer today and I felt like this past summer went by in the blink of an eye. I tried to think about what I did with friends and family and it felt like everything happened in just a few weeks, not three months. I remember as a child thinking"I have so much time to play, ride bikes, swim, and go to the park", and having an adult tell me "enjoy it while you can because as you get older it will fly by!" It flew by! I did enjoy all the moments in between the rushing and craziness but I sure wish I could have had a few more "Lazy days of summer".

One of the last things I will do this summer is can peaches and tomatoes. This will be the first year I have attempted the endeavor and I am very excited. I was able to get a little taste when I went to my moms this past weekend. She had purchased a bushel of peaches and I was her assistant. It was so much fun to chat and peel peaches and chat some more......We completed 12 jars and I can't wait to do my own. I am even more excited because I want to make homemade marinara sauce and my own salsa......(I am feeling super adventurous now that the twins are in first grade!) I am hoping, if it turns out well, that I can give some as neighbor gifts this fall. I was looking at some of the scrapbook lines we carry and I fell in love with the 2 lines are we are selling at 50% off! (August 28th only!) 

Pebbles Fresh Goods and Sunnyside are so cute and fit perfectly! I am so excited to make little labels to put on each jar and hopefully make fun cards to attach. This is the day to take advantage and grab these 2 collections while you can.........I will post pictures are soon as I get my canning done! Here is a sneak peak at a few of the items, which you can purchase at our store



Saturday, August 18, 2012

First taste of Fall

Although the majority of us are still feeling the heat, the new collections for fall are coming out!

 My boys are all preparing for school, which starts this coming Wednesday! I should put a little disclaimer in: I love having my boys home for the summer and we have done lots of fun things together with friends and family, but I am ready for them to go back. My twins, which are my youngest, will be starting 1st grade and I can't wait! I am so excited to have time to create and learn new things. I feel like fall is a great time to jump back into projects that were abandoned for fun in the sun.

 It's time........time to create and we have 2 new collections that are sure to get you excited for fall. The 1st which is our feature on Monday is My Minds Eye Lost and Found Halloween. I really like the muted tones and all the accessories that you can use all over your home for Halloween Decor. I will be getting my hands on this collection on Monday and I will post the fun decorations that you can create with this line. 

The 2nd fall collection will be featured Monday August 27th. It's the new Teresa Collins line Vintage Finds. I got this cute book made out of the 3x4 cards from the line from Teresa Collins Blog. I love her ides. This one is especially fun and simple. 

Alright ladies, it's time to come back inside and create! visit our store for these new collections at

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

I can't believe that it is already August! What a fun summer we have had. So busy with keeping kids entertained and cool. I tried to keep up with four very busy boys and I took lots of pictures of all the crazy things we did this summer. I am so excited to get back to a schedule and finally have a little extra time to scrapbook (my twins will be in 1st grade this fall)! I am also excited for the new Little Yellow Bicycle line we have on sale this week. It's called The Escape and it's so fun. It's perfect for all your summer memories. It's on sale this week at 40% off which is fabulous! Check it out today