Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Doodlebug Happy Go Lucky Leprechaun House

I wanted to share with you this cute kit that is now available Allscrapbooksteals.com. It is a cut out house that ships flat, that you can decorate anyway you want. If you have small children like I do. "Lucky the Leprechaun" comes to visit. We love it when he comes because he likes to play pranks in our house and leave treats. This year he is going to have his own little house to live in during the holiday. The Doodlebug Leprechaun house kit, created exclusively by Allscrapbooksteals.com, comes with paper, stickers, and sprinkles (Adhesives not included). It is so fun and now "Lucky the Leprechaun"will have a place to hide.  Check it out today!!! Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline
These people are stickers stuck to cork tops, After they are stuck to the cork, add baby powder so they don't stick to anything else. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valentine Banner can be changed and used through out the year.

We have this simple piece of jute that hangs in our lobby. We change out the banner to reflect the seasons. We can add anything we like to it to show off the upcoming holidays. This Valentines Banner is one of our favorites because it took less than 10 minutes to put together. We used Doodlebug Doilies. There are 75 in a package and they fit perfectly folded over and clipped to the twine. We also took the Doodlebug Lovebugs 12x12 Double-sided Paper All My Hearts 4622. We cut the cards up and clipped them to the banner with Doodlebug bubblegum clothespins.  Then we added our pictures. It turned out adorable. The great thing about this banner is that it can be changed out and used throughout the year for every holiday.  Check it out for yourself today at Allscrapbooksteals.com. Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline

Monday, February 16, 2015

Simple Stories Color Vibe

Simple Stories hits it out of the park again with Color Vibe. This new line comes in 3 colors Lights, Bolds, and Brights.  These 12x12  Double-sided Designer Cardstock come in fabulous colors with Chevron on one side and Polka-dot on the other. They also coordinate with alpha stickers in the same color as the papers. When it comes to Scrapbooking, Allscrapbooksteals.com has all the deals, all the time. Check us out today at Allscrapbooksteals.com!!! Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! In honor of Valentine's Day I want to share with you my story of three Weddings in one night. No, I was not Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses, but I definitely had two hours to make it to four weddings, but I only made it to three. It was on December 13, 2014 (12-13-14). It was a popular day because the couples wanted this anniversary date. Which is really cool. 

When I attend an event. I always marvel at the tables, the centerpieces, and the decor. I love to see how everything ties together. So I take quite a few pictures. I get a ton of ideas from seeing other people's creativity and I thought I would share with you.

The first wedding I attended was for a friend and had a bit of a Scottish theme to it.  I really like the paper flowers. All the flowers you will see are made of paper. Not just any paper Harry Potter novels. The Bride is a huge fan.

I love how the cakes are on cut tree stumps, with the paper flowers. 

The second wedding that I attended also had amazing decorations and again these decorations were flowers. These flowers were also made out of paper. They look incredible. The Bride's mother spent all last summer making these flowers.  There are some really talented people in this world. (We do have paper at Allscrapbooksteals.com.)

The third and final wedding was for my cousin. My aunt is super talented, very creative, and has an artistic eye that is fantastic. She decorated the room with snowflakes, tea-light candles, and sparkle. It was so beautiful. 
This center piece was so beautiful and smelled amazing. (I wish I had my other camera because the view was incredible, but I don't go anywhere without my phone. 

These snow flakes hanging from the ceiling add such a sparkle. 

What a great idea to light an area. A candle hanging from the ceiling. 

Thanks for letting me share my night of weddings on this romantic day.  I wish you love and happiness on this day. Check out Allscrapbooksteals.com for any occasion that you are planning. Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Simple Stories new lines I Am, Enchanted, and Say Cheese II

Simple Stories has three new lines and they are ALL here, ALL Available now, and ALL Amazing at Allscrapbooksteals.com. These three new lines ALL have the Simple Stories look, the cutting edge design and best of all they have incorporated foil into these three lines.

The First line "I Am".  "I Am"...a soft feminine, introspective introspective collection for telling the most important story you have to tell...yours. I Am is designed with storytelling in mind. After all, this is what are fantastic hobby of Scrapbooking is ALL about. Gold Foil is present throughout this collection

The second line "Enchanted" is for the princess in your life.  It's the picture perfect collection for your princess after all everyone deserves a happily ever after.  

Anyone care for more Cheese?  "Say Cheese II" brand new products for capturing more of those wonderful memories with the "big cheese himself"!

ALL Available, ALL Selling now at Allscrapbooksteals.com

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We are Decorated for Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day and Spring

I love working where I work. Today we got to change out our Lobby decor. It is so fun to bring in new and different product to put on display. We like to have the products on display that represent upcoming holidays. I love to see what the companies come up with and  to see it close up.  You can check out all of the photos from our lobby on our facebook page at

Check out all the new products at Allscrapbooksteals.com today. Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline