Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Echo Park Christmas Painter's Tray

I have to say that each month seems to go by faster than the month before. Thanksgiving is next week! I am sure that many of you have already started to prepare for the upcoming holidays. I am a big believer in gifts that come from the heart. Whatever that means to you is what matters.I am trying to decide on what projects I want to do this year. My husband is one of the most amazing men I know, and every year he tells me that I don't need to get him anything. He is happy just spending time with family. So every year I try to come up with a gift that will mean something to him. Last year I made him a calendar that he could hang up at work. This year I am still deciding what to do and with how fast things are moving I better decide really quickly!

I wanted to post this Painter's Tray idea and the link to Echo Parks Free Idea book that has all the details along with several other ideas for gifts. I hope that this idea might get some of you in the mood to create and share. Please feel free to shop at our store for all your supplies!


Link for Echo Park's Idea Book


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