Monday, January 13, 2014

Preparing for the Great American Scrapbook Convention

The countdown to this year’s Great American Scrapbook Convention has finally started. Set to take place in June, this momentous event will allow you and other scrapbook buffs to enjoy various activities that will nourish you with new scrapbooking ideas. Also, this can be a good opportunity for you to meet other hobbyists who will understand and appreciate your interest.

The event will, of course, welcome anyone and everyone, whether regular enthusiasts or budding hobbyists of the craft of scrapbooking. Included in their line-up of activities will be a products bazaar, tutorials from the pros, and cropping. It also looks like the festivities will run until late, as implied in this activities description on the event’s official page:

Bring your photos and cropping supplies and be prepared to crop until the wee hours, creating scrapbook pages and making new friends! Contestants, door prizes, and goody bags are a feature at every cropping party. It’s a chance to gather with old friends and to make new ones.”

As there are going to be contests, you may want to brush up on your scrapbooking skills in the meantime. The event won’t be till the second half of this year, anyway, so for sure, you should have a lot of time to improve on your style and techniques. In case you want to make this as an opportunity to showcase your hobbyist-slash-business management skills, you can also bring your finished products over and set up your own booth.

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