Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In the Digital Age, Scrapbooks Still Thrive

In today's world of computers and smart phones, scrapbook-making may seem like a lost art, but surprisingly, many people still do it. Though many believe them to simply be glorified picture albums, true scrapbookers know that what they do is so much more than a collection of pictures. Well-made scrapbooks detail the lives of their makers or subject in exquisite detail.

Scrapbooks have been around since the creation of commonplace books, which were supposed to be kept by men as a resource for writing. These scholarly tomes slowly gave way to our modern idea of the scrapbook, as photography was developed and times progressed. Scrapbooks are a way to preserve more than just photos; they record historical mementos too.

Modern scrapbookers and the scrapbooking industry have boomed in recent years, as evidenced by the presence of wonderful online scrapbook stores. The Internet has only brought the hobby into the limelight and many have started their own scrapbooks to keep memories alive in a more permanent way than mere posts on Facebook. For many, however, it can be a confusing world to enter.

Thankfully, there are many online resources for any prospective scrapbooker to follow through the starting hurdles. Additionally, well-stocked online scrapbooking stores have a wide array of selections to choose from, encouraging creativity in the many who want to get into the hobby. With all of this attention, it would be safe to say that scrapbooks will survive well into the digital era.

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