Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Scrapbooking Made Easy: Some Tips

There’s something universally appealing about scrapbooking that has made it the big industry that it is today. Enthusiasts have pointed to the creative freedom that this hobby brings, bringing the artistic side out of anyone. Making a scrapbook seems difficult at first, but with a few pointers, it is easy to take the first steps..

Plan Your Scrapbook

Before you start pasting photos, you’ll need to do some preparation and planning. You can start by buying excellent wholesale scrapbooking supplies from trusted online retailers. The basic materials you’ll need are albums, sheet protectors, adhesive, paper, embellishments, and the pictures or knick-knacks you’ll want to put in.

Next, you’ll need to organize a little. Decide on a title, intro, and a table of contents for your scrapbook. This lets you identify what you’ll put in it and where exactly.

Start Designing

This is the stage where you let your creative juices flow. Choose a color scheme for your scrapbook. Deciding on a single or a pair of colors gives it a coherent visual design. Start drawing up a layout for how you want to paste your pictures, too; don’t just settle for a boring center setting. Be creative and place them in unique angles or arrangements.

Add Some Decoration

Additional elements like stickers and ribbons can enhance your layouts. Consider arranging or setting up the embellishments during the designing phase. This will make it easier to see whether your chosen decorative elements or accessories work or not. 

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