Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Simple Stories new lines I Am, Enchanted, and Say Cheese II

Simple Stories has three new lines and they are ALL here, ALL Available now, and ALL Amazing at These three new lines ALL have the Simple Stories look, the cutting edge design and best of all they have incorporated foil into these three lines.

The First line "I Am".  "I Am"...a soft feminine, introspective introspective collection for telling the most important story you have to tell...yours. I Am is designed with storytelling in mind. After all, this is what are fantastic hobby of Scrapbooking is ALL about. Gold Foil is present throughout this collection

The second line "Enchanted" is for the princess in your life.  It's the picture perfect collection for your princess after all everyone deserves a happily ever after.  

Anyone care for more Cheese?  "Say Cheese II" brand new products for capturing more of those wonderful memories with the "big cheese himself"!

ALL Available, ALL Selling now at

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