Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Wood Projects

Easter is coming up this weekend. Now is a great time to stock up on all those fun Easter and Spring Papers before they are gone from Allscrapbooksteals.com. As I have mentioned before, I LOVE wood projects!!! (Check out the Wood Shoppe on Allscrapbooksteals.com website) They are fun, easy, and I receive instant gratification. This has been my favorite go-to hobby for the last 2 years. My children think it is hilarious that I am always painting something (they are ready to stage an intervention :-)). I know it is crazy, but when I create something it calms me down. I think that any type of hobby can ease anxiety and help with depression. This one is mine. After I finish a project, I seem to have more energy to get other stuff done. So whatever your hobby is, Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline

Monday, March 23, 2015

Doodlebug Sunkissed

The days are getting warmer, and in just a few short months it will be Summer. Doodlebug has a cute new line out that is perfect for Summer. Sunkissed is full of flip flops, popsicles, sun and fun and it is now available at Allscrapbooksteals.com.

One of my favorite things about this line is the enamel shapes that are available. Doodlebug has mastered the enamel dots and now they have moved on to the enamel shapes. Their Sunkissed enamel shapes are some of my favorite. They have flip flops, sunglasses, watermelon, and Popsicles. They are the perfect accent to any page or card layout.  

The next item that I really like is the 4x6 and 4x4 element sheet. These sheets are perfect for pocket scrapbooking and for the fun wood crafts that you see everywhere. I love decorating for the seasons and I can't wait to make some home decor blocks for my house.

When the weather's warm but your creativity is cool, reach for the newest sunny assortment from Doodlebug Design, Sunkissed. A radiant array of all things fun-in-the-sun, this bright colored collection is perfect for adding a splash of summer fun to your projects and crafts. With beach balls, snowcones, and one happy little sun-Sunkissed collection comes with coordinating papers, stickers and oodles of embellishments to keep those summer days around all winter long!!!Check it out today at Allscrapbooksteals.com. Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies Lets You Preserve Printed Memories

Despite the many advanced gadgets that allow for digital photo collection, scrapbooking remains to be very much a good way of keeping photos and memories, as well as a healthy pastime. Many people, in fact, still prefer this old-fashioned method, according to a report from FOX11, and buy from wholesale scrapbooking supplies shops for their hobby and crafts needs. Advances in technology have made most people rely on digital means for activities that can be done on paper. This can be seen with e-books, digital newspapers, digital magazines, and scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking is even done through various websites where people can upload their photos and customize the look of their scrapbook through various options. On the other hand, traditional scrapbooking makes use of an actual book, printed-out photos, and accessories for designing.

Spring 2015 Cabinet

Spring is on the way and it shows at Allscrapbooksteals.com. One of my favorite things about working for Allscrapbooksteals.com is our cabinet. We have had customers offer to buy this cabinet, but as you can see...we love it. This cabinet is decorated to reflect the different seasons of the year. Those that live close to us get to see our lobby when they come pick up their products. All of our wonderful customers that live faraway do not often get to see the cute decorations in our lobby. So we wanted to share with all of you. Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline

Monday, March 16, 2015

Online Scrapbook Stores Help in Preserving Your Most Treasured Photos

According to Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist Vinton Cerf, digital files will disappear in the future as a result of various legal, political, and technical trials of archiving both documents and the technology needed to view them. He contends that while preserving digital files is easy enough, storing hardware as virtual, software-based machinery is trickier, since engineers would have to literally convert physical parts into working computer codes. What does this mean? If you like keeping photos on your iPhone, for instance, your files may one day become obsolete. Fortunately, there is a way for you to make your photos last: print them out. If properly stored, a printed photo can last for around 200 years or more. How else could you explain those vintage Civil War photographs surviving to modern times? That being said, a printed photo is safe from crashes, hacking, viruses, and problems brought about by out-of-date software or hardware.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies Add Special Touches to Your Scrapbook

Scrapbooking not only allows you to keep and organize precious memories, it also gives you complete creative freedom on how to present these memories. You can get various accessories from stores that offer wholesale scrapbooking supplies to help you express your creative side. Scrapbooks can also hold special meaning for a child, by serving as time capsules of their childhood adventures and experiences. Children go through a lot of milestones, especially early on, and it’s nice to have accounts of these events to be viewed when they are older.

Contest Winner and Sale!

The Winner of our Contest for the Authentique Treasure Collection Kit is Yuana Silver Wright who commented on Facebook. Congratulations Yuana!!! Please send your name, address, and email to allscrapbooksteals@gmail.com so that we can send your kit to you. If you would like to buy one of these kits. Just click on the link above or go to Allscrapbooksteals.com. Make sure to use your 10% off coupon code (ALL CAPS no spaces) in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline

Friday, March 13, 2015

Online Scrapbook Stores Provide Needed Tools in Reminiscence Therapy

In individual or one-on-one settings, the therapist also makes use of the same tools, and encourages the patient to create a “life history book”, which others also call a “scrapbook”. Putting together bits of the patient’s memorabilia, and encouraging creativity and imagination with the use of supplies that one can find from reliable online scrapbook stores, can help achieve the therapy’s main goals, which are to help the patient re-establish self-esteem, alleviate boredom and depression, and improve the ability to communicate. Also, by stimulating the brain, scrapbooking can help in delaying cognitive degeneration. Writing on Today’s Senior Magazine, occupational therapy assistant Kathy Johnson says she personally witnessed the therapeutic benefits of scrapbooking on dementia-stricken elderly patients. Scrapbooking tasks have helped certain individuals focus and follow directions better, and regain the resolve to finish a project.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

CONTEST!!! Authentique Treasure Collection

Spring is just around the corner. Easter follows soon after that. I can't wait. Spring is like a new beginning with all the newborn animals, flowering trees, tulips and everything starting to grow. I LOVE IT!!! Soooo....In honor of celebrating Spring this week at Allscrapbooksteals.com. We have a contest. Win this Authentique Treasure Collection Kit. Just tells us your favorite thing about Spring or favorite Easter tradition. Enter as many times as you like (and as many days as your like) until Friday March 13 on our Blog page (in the comments below), Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (with the #Contestauthentiquetreasurekit) . Winner will be announced Saturday, March 14, 2015 and for all of your crafting needs visit Allscrapbooksteals.com. Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Maggie Holmes Confetti

It's finally here!!! Crate Paper's Maggie Holmes Confetti has arrived. This fun party line does so much more than just sparkle and shine. There are so many AMAZING party embellishments to decorate any gathering. I especially love the treat bags amd the extra large balloon. I can't wait to grab those. Party invitations, card making, and layouts this line has it all. Check it out today at Allscrapbooksteals.com!!! Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline (Photos courtesy of Crate Paper)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

St. Patrick's Day and Spring Wood Blocks

I love decorating for the holidays and my kids especially love the holiday decor around our house. One of my favorite decorating items to have (and to make) are wood blocks. They are fast and easy. They satisfy my need to craft in just under an hour. When I got out my paints and blocks last Saturday, my kids started joking that I need an intervention, because I love these blocks so much.

So many of the Companies have come out with 3x4, 4x4, and 4x6 journaling cards. These cards fit perfectly on varying sizes of wood blocks. (The different sizes of wood blocks, and paint are available at Allscrapbooksteals.com).  I pick out the cut-outs that I want and choose the size of block that fits it.  For these blocks I used the following papers from Doodlebug's Happy Go Lucky (12x12 Leprechaun Polka 4636, and Lucky Clovers 4631), Easter Parade (12x12 Bunny and Friends), and Hello Sunshine (12x12 Springtime Spray 4644).

With these blocks my friend and I decided to do St. Patrick's on one side and then Spring and Easter on the other. This way we only had to do one set of blocks, After St. Patrick's Day is over they can be turned around for Spring. We picked paint that would coordinate with both themed papers. After the papers were glued on, I added some jewels, sprinkles and ribbon. These embellishments really make them come alive. I hope you love them as much as I do. Check out the papers, wood, and paint at Allscrapbooksteals.com today!!! Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline
St. Patrick's Day with the green, ribbon, jewels, and sprinkles.
turned around they are perfect for spring. (two in one). I used white, apple green, and leaf green to match both papers. 

Jewels add so much and really make it come alive.

I love the enamel sprinkle shapes and glitter circle for the sun and flowers. 

4x4 size is perfect to stack 

The jewels really bring out the colors.

I love how simple and easy these are

The back side of the 4x4 blocks. I used apple green to match the both of the papers.