Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wood Blocks make a great Valentine Gift.

If you are looking for a great gift for Valentines's Day for a teacher or a friend, look no further than Allscrapbooksteals.com. We have super fun, super easy, and super cute wood projects that will catch anybodies eye and have them feeling the love. 
2x2 blocks are perfect for a friend

Don't these 2x2 blocks look cute in a pyramid

 Wood Blocks made with Scrapbook Papers are fun, and easy way to display your creativity.

These instructions will work of any size wood project.

paint block.jpgglue.jpgpaint brush glue.jpg
Paint the blocks around the edges. One coat is all you need. To save paint and drying time, don’t paint where your paper will go. Squirt the wood glue onto the block. Use the same sponge brush to spread and smooth out the glue. Be sure to rinse well so your brush won’t dry hard.
paper on block.jpgsand block.jpgadd embellishments.jpg
Place the paper on the block. Smooth out all the air bubbles and edges. Sand down the edges to make your paper even with the wood.  Add embellishments of your choice to enhance the design. We like adding pop dots to add a little dimension.
finished product.jpgready to display.jpg
Now that the embellishments have been added, your project is ready for display.

So fun and so easy! This a fun project to do with friend’s, even children can join in the fun! ENJOY!
Check out our Wood Shoppe today at Allscrapbooksteals.com!!! Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline

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