Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The newest contributor to our blog.

My name is Rachelle, 
I am one of Jorjana's many niece's.
She was and still is my favorite aunt.
I love when I have the opportunity
to work with her. She is so talented!!

I am married to a wonderful,
hard working man, whom I love dearly.

We met as young children, 8 yrs old to be exact.
Grew up together, attended church and school together.
Started dating each other at the tender age of 16.
We are high school sweethearts.
And finally married in beautiful  Manti, Utah, 
in  May of 1997.

We have 3 amazing little boys.
I am so very proud of them.
These little guys mean the world to me.

I have been scrap booking for over 15 yrs.
Like many of you out there, I too
have a whole room dedicated to this hobby!
So much fun!!!!

I am thrilled  Jorjana has asked me
 to start blogging for her.
Just know that writing, spelling and
punctuation is not my thing.
So be kind with all my errors.
As you see in the last post that our
dear Russell Wentworth has passed on.

I am thankful that I can help my family
(in a small way) by taking care of this blog.
One less thing for Carissa and others to worry about.

I can't wait to get to know all of you fellow bloggers.
I hope to bring much joy and inspiration to you!

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