Thursday, May 23, 2013

Grey Pom Pom Cards

Hello hello blog followers!  Today is another beautiful day here in Utah and we have some some new card ideas here for you.  You told us what you wanted more of and we heard you!

Today we have some card ideas for you using these grey pom poms.  As of now we are giving these grey pom poms as a free gift with your purchase from All Scrapbook Steals, so we thought we would share some ideas with you to use those free gifts!  Thanks to one of the lovely ladies that works at the warehouse, we have these fine card ideas.

Hope you enjoyed the ideas we have here and we have more to come soon!

Happy Crafting!!


  1. Beautiful cards! I got some of those pom-poms so it is wonderful to see some ideas already on how to use them. Thanks Sinda for another great blog post and thanks to the ladies for some great inspiration! Smiles~ Janet

  2. Glad you got your pom-poms! Thank you for your comment!