Thursday, September 19, 2013

Two page Layouts

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the the monthly giveaway!  I hope you are not all sick of me going on and on about Halloween, but I really just love it so much.  The colors, the skeletons and witches, the scary stories and movies, and the crisp air, I love it all!  I promise you only have to deal with me and my Halloween craziness for just a bit longer then we will move on to things like Fall, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas.

So I was searching for something to share with you loyal Blog followers and was looking at My Minds Eye's Blog when I came across some wonderful two page layouts.  As I was looking at the talented work of their designers I realized we have not shared a two page layout in a long time and it was about time we did.  Here we have an amazing Halloween layout, I may be biased because it has to do with Halloween, but i do think it is really great nonetheless.  This layout was made using My Minds Eye Happy Haunting.

The details in this are just outstanding, I love the glitter, and I hope you enjoyed the inspiration.  Make sure to check out My Minds Eye's Blog for more two page layout ideas!

Happy Crafting!

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