Thursday, May 8, 2014

Romantic Scrapbooking Ideas

Creating a scrapbook is one way to capture, preserve and creatively present the memories and whatnots shared with your partner. With extensive inventories in online scrapbooking stores, you can certainly find the accessories and supplies that best suits your scrapbook’s theme.

Here are some romantic scrapbooking ideas you can try:

Favorite Firsts
Hopefully, you’ve been journaling and keeping memorabilia of the ‘firsts’ you shared as a couple. It could be a first date, a first holiday or vacation together, your first home, or any similar milestone in your relationship. Present the photos and the story in either whimsical or romantic themes, depending on the mood or setting.

Wonderful World of Words
Have you been exchanging love notes? Are you or your partner someone who has a wonderful way with words? You can glue little romantic cards, notes, and even letters on album pages, and fill the borders or spaces with embellishments. If the printed notes are too precious that you can’t bear to tarnish them with glue, have them photocopied instead. You can also document the words you love saying to or hearing from your partner.

Photos of Places
You must have those favorite or most memorable places as a couple – be it a restaurant, a park, or a travel destination. Take plenty of photos and collect them to become the focal objects of your scrapbook. You can also tack on receipts, brochures, maps, and other souvenirs that you have collected to remind you of that place.

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