Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Silhouette Heart Tote Bag

Silhouette Inspiration: Heart Tote
Are you thinking what we're thinking? This darling tote is screaming summer! And believe it or not, summer is starting to creep up on us, so you might as well get ready by trying out this project. It's simple, but as you can tell, simply adorable too.

·  Tote
·  9 Hearts design
·  Piece of fabric
·  Iron
·  Thread
1.    In Silhouette Studio®, choose one of the hearts from the 9 Hearts design and size it to fit your tote.
2.    Cut a piece of interfacing about one inch bigger than your heart design size.
3.    Place the rough side of the interfacing on the back of your fabric and press firmly with an iron for about two seconds.
4.    Trim your fabric down to the same size as the adhered interfacing.
5.    Remove the liner from the interfacing and place your fabric on a Silhouettecutting mat with the interfacing side down. 
6.    Select Fabric in the Silhouette Studio® cut settings and adjust the blade as indicated. 
7.    Place your cut out heart design onto your tote and iron it down for about eight seconds. 
8.    Sew around the edges of the heart design, leaving about half an inch of fabric free.
9.    Cut the edges of the heart. 

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