Friday, September 18, 2015

Washi tape the perfect accessory!

We love washi tape!!! At there is plenty to choose from. So many patterns, colors, styles, and holiday themed tape. We have shown you how we use washi tape, but we thought that you would like to see an example of how it changes the decor in a snap. We just decorated our lobby to reflect fall this last week. It is crazy how adding something so simple as washi tape really makes a big difference. Don't take our word for it. Check out the pictures and see for yourself how it transforms our shelf. A variety of washi tape is available at Check it out today. Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline

Full Shelf with fall leaves "fall flurry" from Doodlebug. Washi tape really ties our fall display together.

It is always sad to take down washi tape, but look how easy it comes off. This washi tape "colored pencils" from Doodlebug was a customer favorite.

Peels right off and then we crumple it in a ball. (That's the fun part). 

Our shelf still looks good plain, but wait for it...

The leaves make it look so much better. Just unroll washi tape and stick down.

Smooth the washi tape down.

Finishing it off is easy.

We added tape to the bottom of the shelf  too. It is so inexpensive that you can use what you need and still have a ton of tape left over.

It looks so fun and festive. It was super fast, super easy, and super fun. Try washi tape for your next decorating project.

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