Tuesday, January 24, 2012

V-Day is coming!

I have been working on fun and easy projects that anyone can do to dress up their home for Valentines Day. When I pulled my decorations out for Valentines day I had 2 heart decorations and some red lights and that was it. Sad, I know, so this year I wanted to do more. I went to the store a picked up some candy and other things that would help me get started. Then I picked out some of my favorite Valentines paper, invited my sis and we went to town. She loves to cook so we had fun making cake pops and brownies. Then we made simple V-Day decor, gift, and party favors. I hope these ideas will get you in the mood to create and have fun.

 Here is our Valentines Spread. We created everything here in 4 hours! I will be posting individual shots of everything along with instructions!


  1. Well, it looks delicious! We have been working on so many valentine's cards. Hee! Hee! We need to do some more decorating for this holiday. It always seems to fly by.