Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Bowl Decor

Are you all ready for some Football?!  My family sure is!  I'll be honest, I actually didn't enjoy sports at all growing up and hated that my brother had it on all the time.  But then I married a wonderful man who loves sports, football being his favorite, so I decided to give it a try.  I really enjoy it now, but most of all I love the food involved and the fun to be had with friends and family.  I'm very excited for this years Super Bowl. I think it will be the most fun yet with all the things I have planned.

What I want to share first is my scoreboard.  I bought a chalk board from Hobby Lobby and painted the edges to make it what I wanted.  I also got some wooden squares and sticks and painted them to match. I put vinyl chalk board on them to make the paddles for the scores.  This year my husband and I decided it would be fun to score the commercials since that is the favorite part for people who don't particularly love the game.  So, we will have three teams, and for each commercial each team will give a score, and we will keep track on the score board while also keeping track of the score of the game. I'm very excited for this game!

 Next we have the football cans.  They are just leftover cans I had that I wrapped in our American Craft Chestnut Cardstock and the laces with the White Cardstock.  You can put anything in these; candy, silverware, straws, napkins, etc.  So simple!  Then, we did the same thing with juice boxes for the kids at your party.  We want them to have fun and feel included as well.

Next, we wrapped the football field paper from our Echo Park Mini Themes Football pack around some napkins for people to use.  I just cut them 1"x6" and taped them at the end.  Also from this same Mini Themes pack I put the Football and Banner sticker around the vase to make it more festive. 

And last, my favorite project, the photo booth props.  This is such a fun idea to bring a little bit more of a party to your Super Bowl party.  I made the helmets for each team, a headset of a coach, the eye blacks, football glasses, and football bow ties.  I am so excited to have fun taking pictures with all of my nieces and nephews and siblings, it is going to be a blast!

I know we didn't use much for the Echo Park Football Mini Themes but I would still recommend getting it so you can use the rest to scrapbook all of the fun you had at your Super Bowl Party - I know that is what I will be doing with my extras! And of course, I will share those after the party!  I had so much fun with this project and I hope you enjoy all of my ideas!

Happy Crafting!


  1. SO many crafty, cute party ideas. I think I need to hire you to plan my daughter;s 16th birthday. You are an mazing decor planner!
    So..who are you rootin' for? lol.......

  2. We are rooting for the 49ers in this family! And I do love to plan parties! I wish I could do it as a profession ;) Sweet 16 is the best