Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wrapping Up Your Sweets

Today is the first of many Valentines Day craft blog posts.  I just absolutely love Valentines Day!  I'm not even really sure why I love it so much.  I was usually between boyfriends on valentines day growing up and it just recently became good now that I have a husband, but it has always been one of my favorites.  Maybe it is all the fun happy colors, hearts, love birds, Valentines Day boxes, getting Valentines from friends and of course, chocolate!  Lets be honest, this holiday is really all about getting and giving chocolate.  So for this post I want to share some fun, crafty ideas on how to dress up your chocolate bars.

For these crafts, I used the new Echo Parks Love Story and Doodlebug Designs Inc. Love Birds.  Both of these lines have been so fun to use and are very easy to use together - which I love!  There will be more crafts to come that use these lines as well.

As you can see, these are very simple to make. Simply measure the candy bar, wrap the pattern paper around it, and decorate to your hearts content with all of the accessory stickers, chipboard shapes, and pops that these lines provide.  With all of the different product you have when these two lines are combined, the possibilities are endless!

Have fun and stay tuned for more Valentines Day crafts soon!

 Happy Crafting

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  1. Pass one to me please! These look so great you almost don't want to tear them open...well,!

    I might do something like these this year for daughter's dance group-teenage girls like a whole candy bar to keep for emergencies...GREAT posts already this year Sinda!

  2. This is a great idea a GREAT way to use up some scraps. My daughter's dance friends would LOVE one of these, but then again, what teenager doesn't like to have an emergency chocolate stash LOVE your examples!

  3. Thank you! And you're so right, Perfect to use up scraps for any occasion!!

  4. So cute! You did a great job making a simple chocolate bar look special! These would be fun teacher gifts too.