Monday, April 8, 2013

Pom Pom Tutorial and Giveaway Winner

Wow!! We had such a great response on this months Giveaway!  I loved reading all of your comments, and it just made me even more excited to be a mother and to be able to watch my children grow.  There are just so many things to be grateful for about children young and old and what a great line we have to celebrate those little ones!  Our lucky giveaway winner this month is Angela L. Congratulations!  Please email us your address to to redeem your prize.

 I am finally feeling better - thank goodness! So, now for the DIY Pom Pom tutorial I have been promising!  What you will need is: about 8-10 sheets of tissue paper (10 is better but 8 will work just fine), pipe cleaners, ribbon or twine, and scissors.  What you do is layer the tissue paper on top of each other as best as you can (it wont be perfect, I tried) and start folding about 1 1/2-2 inch strips accordion style until you've folded it all the way down.  Then, tightly put a pipe cleaner around the middle to secure it, and attach the twine or ribbon you will be using to hang it to the pipe cleaner.  Then cut each end of the tissue so it has rounded edges.  Then carefully start separating the tissue paper from each other until you get a big round pom pom.  It is as easy as that!

I also went to a party once that used news paper to make these pom poms and it was a very cute vintage looking touch to the party!  You can also cut the tissue paper so it isn't a full sheet to make smaller ones. Just note: It is harder the pull the tissue paper apart the smaller it is!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for an all new Tasty Tuesday!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Love these ! I made a few for my son's High School Graduation , they were a big hit . TFS .

  2. So glad you like them! Thank you so much for following and commenting!!