Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Blocks

YES...It is totally true... I love crafts! I love to scrapbook! I love to paint! I love to sew. I like to make pretty much anything for my home. All my children love my decorations, but as they got older. I started to not put out as many holiday decorations, if I put any out at all. There were just some holidays that are so short. It did not seem worth the effort.

A year ago my friend made these adorable blocks to represent Spring. Each letter was a separate block of wood with a square of scrapbook paper and a vinyl letter over it. She gave me blocks and letters to decorate my own set of Spring letters. I was hooked. I had to have blocks for every season and holiday.

I had seen the wood blocks that come in different sizes  3x4, 4x6, 5x7 8x10 and sometimes larger. I liked the idea of the pictures on the blocks, but I don't have a lot of surfaces to put decor on. I would rather hang pictures on the wall.  This is why the different seasons and holidays appealed to me. I could put up something small that would add a festive touch to my home. My kids (especially my youngest) love it. Now my older girls think I have an addiction. (They are probably right.) :-)

Last fall I saw some Simple Stories 3x4 and 4x6 Journaling Card paper used on different wood blocks. I fell in love with this look. Most of the scrapbook companies now do a journaling page for pocket scrapbooking with 3x4 and 4x6 sizes. These sizes are perfect for wood blocks.

When I was down at Echo Park seeing the new lines, I fell in love with the Hippity Hoppity Collection Kit SW4005. (Available at I knew just what I wanted to make with this kit.... Easter Blocks!!! They are quick, fun, and simple to make. They can be made double or single sided. They are great for a table centerpiece, on a shelf or an entry way table. I made mine double sided and I added gold stickles glitter glue. (It is like adding fairy dust to a project... It makes your project magical). If you can't tell.... I love glitter glue. These blocks are the perfect addition to your Easter Decor. Happy Crafting!!! Jacqueline

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