Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why Keep Memories in a Scrapbook

Storing old stuff is more enjoyable when you do it with style, especially those items that hold special memories. Photos and memorabilia, for instance, won’t be too exciting to view every now and then if they’re stowed away in a dusty box in your cellar. Why not make a scrapbook out of them? 

A scrapbook is no ordinary photo album. Even small items you’ve collected to remind you of special occasions and travels can be enshrined in one. Plus, there’s the exciting challenge to arrange them in an artistic way, to more effectively express the memories they hold. Unlike photo albums where the photos are typically displayed plainly, scrapbooks can be designed and decorated with attractive and meaningful accessories. 

Scrapbooks can be prominently displayed in homes for guests and visitors to browse through. Showing your scrapbooks to friends and guests can be a good ice breaker, and create a more comfortable ambience between hosts and visitors. A glimpse into souvenirs of adventures shared with an old friend can also help bring back pleasant memories for you and that friend. 

Scrapbooking is a way of documenting the story of your life and that of your family in an artistic way. If writing an autobiography may seem too ambitious an undertaking, why not piece together items that reflect your memories, interests, and emotions into a scrapbook? Not only will this protect your treasured memorabilia, it will also help de-clutter your home.

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