Monday, March 17, 2014

Common Album Styles from Online Scrapbook Stores

You may have the urge and creative mind to build a wonderful scrapbook, but there’s no way for your ideas to materialize without an album to work on. If you’re going to buy albums from scrapbook stores online, you should know that there are many styles to choose from. They mostly differ in terms of functionality and convenience, but they can also influence the theme of the scrapbook you’re making. 

3-ring albums are named as such because they have three rings that bind together the individual pages of the albums. This type of album offers great flexibility since you can add or remove pages from it at your leisure. If your scrapbook is dedicated to recording memorable events at present and in the future, a 3-ring album is for you. You may also want to consider using post-bound albums. The spine of this album is lined with metal posts, which you need to unscrew if you’re adding or removing a page. This feature offers better security than a 3-ring album. 

Meanwhile, there are also book-bound albums that you can consider for optimum security. However, the pages of these albums are usually permanent. This means that if you want to add more memorabilia in the future, you may have to leave a few pages blank for now.

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