Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tasty Tuesday Semi Homemade Lemon Raspberry Cake

I am very excited about this weeks Tasty Tuesday. It is so light, refreshing, and just down right delicious!!  I saw something on Pinterest about adding ingredients to box cake mixes to make them taste better so I thought I would try it out - and Success - it was SO GOOD.

I'm on a bit of a lemon kick right now, so I thought I would make a lemon raspberry cake with buttercream frosting.  I bought a Duncan Hines lemon cake mix and made the modifications I read about.  What I did was: add an additional egg, melted butter instead of oil and double the amount, and use milk instead of water.  I was skeptical of what it would do to the cake but I decided to experiment anyway.  It turned out so wonderfully fluffy and moist - it was a big hit with my family.  I didn't have any cake rounds so I made it in a 9x13 pan (but either way will work out fine). Make sure you butter and flour the pan so the cake comes out cleanly.

Next, I made the buttercream frosting I always use (I have added the link for you to make it easy).  Let the cake cool before taking out of the pan, cut it in half and cut all the sides off.  Also level out the top with a long serrated knife, like a bread knife.  Cutting off the top will also let the raspberry jam soak in nicely.  I recommend wrapping your cakes in plastic wrap and letting it cool in the fridge for a bit, frosting it is easier if it is cold. 

Place the bottom of the cake on your cake stand or whatever you may be serving it on and pipe some of the icing around the edge so the raspberry jam doesn't leak out and add your raspberry jam.  Then, place the next layer on top and for easy frosting you will want to pipe on the icing all around the cake and on top of it and then simply smooth it out. Lastly, top with fresh raspberries! You could also put some lemon zest on top of that, which I will be doing next time. 

 I hope you enjoy this delicious treat as much as I did!!

Happy Crafting!


  1. wow...wow...wow! What a recipe and blog post to see first thing in the morning..SO yum!!!!

    I am craving sunshine so bad at this point- this post and cake make me want it even more.

    I can't wait to try this recipe Sinda- thank you! It will be perfect for my Memorial Day bar-b-que that I am laready planning...ha! Told you I am craving the sunshine.

    Thanks for such awesome posts. I love reading them! Warm smiles from PA!

  2. Yummy. Just reading your blog I put on 10 lbs.! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait for some time to try my had at this one!
    Kim G